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$98.00 Spring & Fall Clean and Check

Spring air conditioning start up special includes:

  • Clean condenser coil.
  • Check filter.
  • Check and oil motor.
  • Inspect unit for visible leaks.
  • Check thermostat operation.
  • Check refrigerant operation.
  • Check compressor amp draw.
  • Test all air conditioner controls.
  • Check temperature across “A” cooling coil.
  • Check and tighten electrical connections.
    Fall heating startup special includes:

    • Remove and clean burners.
    • Clean and inspect heat exchanger, if applicable.
    • Check pilot assembly.
    • Adjust burners for optimum efficiency.
    • Check all safety controls.
    • Oil motor and lubricate all bearings.
    • Check vent piping and draft diverter.
    • Check for gas leaks.
    • Check air filters.
    • Check condensate trap.

Spring & Fall Clean & Check
Senior Discount & Military Discount

$10 off for Seniors and Military (Regularly $98)!