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Carrier thermostatOne of the quickest ways to improve comfort throughout your home, reduce energy costs, and add convenience to your life, is the installation of a wireless thermostat.  These smart thermostats learn from your behavior, allow remote access, automatically adjust to changing indoor conditions, and actively work to save you money.

Enjoy the Benefits of Wireless Thermostat Installations

Superior Heating and Ventilating Inc. will help you decide the right solution to your lifestyle and expectations, complete proper installation, and make sure you’re familiar with all features and operation.  These innovations in technology are wonderfully user-friendly, attractive, and combine necessity with luxury.  As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, Superior Heating and Ventilating Inc. offers a selection of industry-leading models, certain to deliver perfect temperatures and so much more.  Call on our team of experts for recommendations and wireless thermostat installation across Greater Chicago Suburbs.

Some of the many benefits of a wireless thermostat include:

  • Wi-Fi enabled for remote access allows adjustment from anywhere via your smartphone, tablet, or computer.  You don’t need to walk to the thermostat to make adjustments, or even be at home.  Most models inform you how long it takes to make requested changes, showing how effective your climate control system is, and discouraging waste.
  • You can manage multiple thermostats at various locations from your phone.  Keep track and make adjustments to your home, office, and vacation home, and know just how much you’re spending on heating or cooling costs.
  • If your comfort system provides zoning capability, you can access multiple thermostats and make changes.  Only heat or cool those rooms that are occupied.  Answer personal comfort preferences.  Manage it all from virtually anywhere you happen to be.
  • Set alerts and get notified by text or email if your home gets too hot or cold.  If the temperature drops, and you’re worried about pipes freezing, you can bump up thermostat settings, even if you’re stuck at work.  These alerts both save money, and help extend the life of your HVAC system by reducing the workload.
  • Receive helpful tips on how to conserve energy.  Get reminders for filter change requirements and essential maintenance alerts.  Your wireless thermostat can even contact Superior Heating and Ventilating Inc. directly, and let us know exactly what service is required.
  • An accurate reading of the outdoor temperature and humidity levels will help you decide the ideal temperature for your home. A local five-day forecast lets you plan and program your thermostat for the week ahead.
  • A complete reading of your home’s indoor environment allows you to determine proper adjustment of temperature and humidity levels.
  • Manage your Hybrid Heat system for year round energy savings.
  • Monitor your Indoor Air Quality products for a healthier environment.
  • Full-color touch screen offers intuitive, on-screen prompts for user-friendly operation.
  • Photo upload capability lets you customize your thermostat.